Asia One Program

Start New School

We offer consultant service for Founders who want to invest in education sector. We offer consultation in school pre-opening, school opening, and school management.

Diagnostic Your School

This program is an initial step to plan school development. School Diagnosis Program is a service to "take a picture" of school condition. This picture will be used by school in decide strategic steps.

Unlock The Power Of Yourself

This program aims to develop management soft-skills. The program is designed through outdoor nature activities (outbound). Participants will learn to know and deepen values, so that they can implement all the values on their daily activities in workplace.

Power Of School Managemet

This program is an exclusive in-house training and adjusted to participant needs. Participant can choose sub topic from various topics consist of school system development, marketing, finance management, human development and training, and infrastructure management.

One Day Forum

This program is made as discussion forum between education observers (principal, foundation owner, education institution owner). We offer competent facilitators in accordance with topics of discussion. This program is designed short and compact, which every participants will get special opportunity for further consulting through email.

Secrets of Success School

This Consultation Program is a part of Start New School program for new school or independent program for existing school. Program goals are maximize school performance that consist of school system development, marketing, finance management, human development and training, and infrastructure management.


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Secret Success Of School Management


Team Building


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    is an institution that run Education Consultant Service. This company exists for answering challenges and questions about School Development Planning. Establish since 2011 and committed to become a space for education practitioners to get solutions in School Management Development.

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    has worked in partnership with schools and learning centers to address educational growth. We offer customized training and consulting services to educational company.

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    Giving the value added for client, society and education world. Helping contribute in developing.

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    Vision: To be an icon in Education World in Asia.

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